About Us

The Techrangers team mission is to collectively enhance the online learning experience through our own education and to obtain a competitive advantage in this technological age.

2 years Average Tenure
28 years We started in 1996!
552 Industry Jobs Held by Techrangers
78% of Staff started as Part-time

Launch A Career

An apprenticeship with the Techrangers is an ideal place to start your career, especially for students. We hire both inexperienced (but hard working) newcomers and up-and-coming experts. The modern technologies that we build give our people the skills to join the worlds most influential companies. Heres a few places that Techranger alumni work:

Amazon Amazon
Apple Apple
Boeing Boeing
Darden Darden
Disney Disney
Facebook Facebook
Fandom Fandom
FedEx FedEx
Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs
Golf Channel Golf Channel
Google Google
Imgur Imgur
Industrial Light & Magic Industrial Light & Magic
Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin
Microsoft Microsoft
Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman
Under Armour Under Armour
Wayfair Wayfair