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Materia is a platform for creating customizable games and study tools for use as standalone activities or as part of your online course. Examples include Hangman, Word Search, Matching, and Adventure.

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With Obojobo, you can create focused learning objects that can be presented to students in your online course. The learning objectives created in Obojobo can be linked to

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Proctor Hub

This tool is designed to assist with identity authentication and help curb cheating in online exams. The app uses the student’s webcam technology to authenticate the identify of the student taking the test with the official ID in the university system. Then, the app captures and generates a video of the student during the test-taking process. Faculty can confidentially review the recorded video.

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This tool enables faculty to identify accessibility issues on Webcourses@UCF. It will scan a course, generate a report, and provide resources on how to address common accessibility issues. In many cases, it will enable you to easily fix the issue from within the tool.

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