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Tatiana Abromitis

Tatiana Abromitis




  • CSS
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • PHP
  • Photoshop


  • Django/Python


I enjoy programming and design optimization. I decided to study Electrical Engineering because of the programming and engineering aspects involved in the program of study. I began my undergraduate program at the Pontifician Bolivarian University in Medellin, Colombia and finished my degree requirements at Northwestern Polytechnic University in Fremont, California where I obtained my bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.

During my time at Northwestern Polytechnic I learned how to balance my work and study life, working as a Teacher’s Assistant for the University designing workshops and tutoring students in Computer Language C++, Calculus, Statistics and Algebra.

Immediately after completing my degree requirements I started working as a CAD designer for CDX Builders, Inc a contracting firm in San Francisco, CA. In addition to my work as a CAD designer, I took initiative to expand my work scope to include various IT-based projects including improvements to the company’s internal network security and the implementation of better accounting tools and methods. For example, I set up account passwords and personalized permissions to the server.

After three successful years of working in this firm, I relocated to Tennessee and started working in a Marketing firm called Marketing Alliance. My primary responsibility involved digital image editing. I viewed this as an initial step into a position for web development; I learned to use tools such as Quark, InDesign and Illustrator.

I started working as a Web Scripter, in an advertising company called ARS Advertising, worked in ARS for the first year as a web scripter, coding pages for,, and, this allowed me to gain practical experience with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) as well as JavaScript. At the same time I was also interacting with our customer's IT department trying to solve issues that were arising due to the improvement to

After my first year I transferred to the development team with a determination to improve the current process of communication between our customer, the account executives, the creative team, and the web scripting team. Internally there were three teams to satisfy with these programs aimed at mitigating miscommunications and reduction of emails. The program was developed using Symfony 1.2, an open source framework. During this period I also gained exposure to Magento - eCommerce software that we used to setup and develop two websites and as well as Joomla along with Virtuemart to develop the website.

Now I'm looking forward to learning Python and Django while working with the Techrangers and help on the process of web course development.

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