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Alex Nagel

Alex Nagel


Information Technologies and Information Securities


Alex Nagel Portfolio


  • Security
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • C++
  • C


  • AWS Lambda
  • Django
  • R
  • Security+
  • PHP
  • Java


I'm a UCF student (senior) finishing my undergrad degree in the summer of 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies (BSIT) and a minor in Secure Computing and Networking (SCAN). I am furthering my education with relevant certifications and professional development experience. After obtaining a full time job, I would like to return to academia and obtain a masters in Digital Forensics.

Having lived in Florida my whole life, I will be venturing out to Arizona in the fall of 2017 to pursue my passion in security engineering. On top of being a Techranger, I do freelance work on the side including custom websites, security audits, and general IT work for various companies. Adaptability and hard work is the key to success and with my experiences I have what it takes to succeed.

I am a very well-rounded person and participate in many hobbies. Most notably I am the president and one of the best players for the UCF Racquetball Team. I also partake in mountain biking with my rescue pup, so we are ecstatic for the challenging terrain of Arizona. Lastly, I enjoy solving puzzles due to the unforeseen challenges in cards, chess, and building things in the garage.

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